This morning, S.C. Governor Henry McMaster made it clear that he expects schools to open for in-person instruction just after Labor Day. 

Lately, I have heard from so many parents who want schools to reopen (the last four months sure have given us new appreciation for educators!), but they also are concerned about the health and safety of children and school personnel. Local COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are rapidly rising. So much is up in the air that parents everywhere (including us) aren’t sure where to turn for advice and information about the options.

I want to hear what you’re thinking. Will you complete a short survey to let me know your thoughts on schools re-opening in September?

The good news is there are resources to help schools reopen safely and responsibly. The bad news is that the COVID-19 response has become politically charged and driven by partisanship and economic concerns instead of science.

Opening schools without precautions in place and without proper funding puts our educators, students, and families all at risk. We must do better at every level of government, and with your help, I promise to be part of the solution.


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