Preserving our coast

Our district is on the front lines of many environmental challenges, including the effects of climate change, flooding, plastic pollution and the threat of offshore drilling. I will be a strong voice for our coast in Columbia to ensure the state is making the right investments in our community.

  • Mitigating the effects of climate change in a coordinated, regional approach by investing in stormwater infrastructure and land preservation. Address the human cause of climate change by shutting down South Carolina’s coal-fired power plants and promoting renewable energy.
  • Holding polluters accountable … and stopping the state from incentivizing polluters to move here, including the companies that spill plastic nurdles in our waterways.
  • Securing a permanent offshore drilling ban
  • Preserving undeveloped land and investing in projects that enhance and increase access to our beaches and waterways. 

Prioritizing our schools 

With two children at Whitesides Elementary School, I am the candidate who is most passionate about guaranteeing every child a quality 21st century education. South Carolina needs more leaders who believe it is a moral imperative for our children to be set up for success. I am proud to be recommended by our state’s public school teachers, the SC Education Association.

  • Addressing the teacher shortage by increasing pay, expanding Life Scholarships to education majors, creating student loan forgiveness programs for those who teach in underserved areas and reinstating the National Board Certification stipend to encourage professional development.
  • Expanding 4K programs so every child has the opportunity to attend.
  • Ensuring public money goes to public schools. I am opposed to school voucher programs and will fight forthcoming efforts to create a voucher system here.
  • Incorporating more career training and vocational skills into the state’s curriculum so our students are prepared for whatever post-secondary path they choose.

Protecting our economy during the pandemic

Until the coronavirus is controlled and eradicated, it will be bad for business and lives will remain at risk. We need an all-hands-on-deck approach to help small businesses and workers through this turbulent and difficult time. The best way we can help our economy and protect the health of our community is for our state to lead from the front and to listen to scientific and medical experts.

  • Making COVID testing more widespread and expanding the state’s infectious disease capabilities.
  • Assisting small businesses by relaxing outdated regulations, offering no penalty tax deferments and expanding direct grants to help them through this period of intense need.
  • Helping displaced workers by expanding Medicaid, offering job training at our community colleges and extending the length of unemployment benefits.
  • Pushing for consistent public health standards statewide that require the wearing of masks indoors and in other settings where it is difficult to maintain social distance.